Why Attend?

Public engagement is now carried out on most planning applications. Engagement 2017 will look at whether it is done effectively and in a way that motivates the silent majority to engage, or persuades local politicians.

Engagement 2017 will consider a range of issues including how to innovate in public engagement, how politicians perceive engagement from developers and how to run an effective campaign.

Furthermore, Engagement 2017 will see the launch of groundbreaking research – undertaken by Shelter and sponsored by Redrow & L&Q - into how we can identify and motivate supporters for development.

Delegates will leave the conference with a better understanding of the range of techniques available to developers, and how they can be most effectively applied in order to help achieve planning consents. 

This conference will be useful for people who:

  • Are responsible for running or commissioning public engagement around planning or development issues.
  • Run programmes of public engagement in areas such as liaison with housing association tenants and post-consent engagement with local communities.
  • Are working on planning applications more widely, and are interested to understand the tools available to build public support for schemes.

The conference has been convened by Meeting Place Communications, industry leaders in cutting edge consultation, sponsored by L&Q and Redrow.

For more information about the conference and exhibition stands, please email info@engagement2017.com.